Sunna Al-Amal

Sunna Al-Amal (Hope Makers) ia non-profit, developmental organization that was established in 2014 to create a fundamental transformation in the lives of individuals in general and marginalized communities, particularly through efficient contribution towards enhancing the psychosocial well-being and improving the social, economic and human rights' circumstances. We aim to create a more comfortable yet appropriate environment by empowering people to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to build a healthier and happier future.

We believe that the most important kind of hope is hope in one's self!  A healthy, hopeful society is more capable of fully realizing its potential, claiming its human rights, and enabling a more peaceful and dignified life, thus giving existence a more meaningful purpose.


Vision & Mission

Vision Statement: Being the leading reviver of hope where hope has been diminished. Mission Statement: Our mission is to enhance the quality of life through improved psychosocial well-being by utilizing a holistic approach with appropriate strategies and support to...

Women Make a Change

Palestinian women who have pursued their dreams despite war, adversities and obstacles – using these stories to empower youth and women and to break down stereotypes.

Our Projects

In-depth Clinical Training Program for Mental Health Specialists in Palestine

In partnership with the Al-Quds University, we offer a 2-year intensive, in-depth and cross-cultural clinical training in psychotherapy
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Training & Capacity Building

Train and build the capacity of specialists and those working with individuals that are struggling with mental health issues and living under overwhelmed circumstances in order to support and help them as needed
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Raising Awareness Workshops

Advocating mental health issues, increasing people's awareness about such issues and eliminating shame surrounding mental health disorders while encouraging help-seeking
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Internal Training Workshops

Trainees reaching out to other trainees to educate each other and share experiences
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Professional Individual & Group Supervision

We lend a friendly and administrative ear to enhance opportunities and make experiences more meaningful and memorable
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