Women Make a Change

"Women Make a Change" is a unique project, which aspires women to speak up and revolt against patriarchal societies. The project aims to eliminate the stereotypes of women and defy negative assumptions. Using social media and other media tools, "Women Make a Change" empowers women and teaches them to value themselves.

The project team believes that changes in society comes from the youth in hope of a brighter future where women gain their rights and are supported by men.


Tamara Abu Laban, the initiator of this project, considers the conservative, backward background of the participants to be most challenging part, especially those who come from marginalized areas where women’s rights are never addressed at home or school. Many of them come from patriarchal societies, where women are oppressed by their families. The goal of this project is to educate the participants in order to change their attitudes towards women and transform them into supporters of women.

The participants, which mainly consist of young men and women, learn methods of social media to change how society views women's issues. Afterwards, they learn to write their stories, filming and editing. As part of the program, participants meet women who are pioneers in the Palestinian society (e.g. successful leaders, interposers, politicians, etc.). They are also exposed to a positive perspective surrounding gender issues.

The output of the training is for the participants to create short films about women. This will help in spreading women’s successful stories around various communities to be role models for the rest of young women. Participants who produce unique efforts during the training will later be working as part time trainers, giving the same training sessions to future groups.

Social media tools allow those videos to reach different parts of the world, not only the Palestinian Territories, thus helping to alter the negative images and stereotypes of Palestinian women. In addition, this program will teach media skills to the youth to become significant part of their lives and most importantly create potential job opportunities for them.