Awareness Campaigns

Sunna Al-Amal implements awareness campaigns to increase the community's awareness through various lectures, public meetings, sessions, community gatherings and bedouin gatherings. With the cooperation of 15 trainees, we conducted 15 awareness sessions and targeted 248 people in different parts of the West Bank, including Ramallah, Bethltehem, Al-Sheikh Sa'd Village, Al-Nabi Samuel Village, Al-Khan Al-Ahmar, Hatta Village, Halhul and Al-Tour. Several groups were targeted (e.g. Bedouin, parents, women, children, fresh graduates and youth) different subjects were discussed based on each target group's needs. The outcome was raising each target group's level of undestanding about a specific topic, explaining various issues and disseminating knowledge.

Sunna Al-Amal also screened a short movie, which was produced by the Women's Studies Center to address divorce and followed by a discussion session to further discuss the Palestinian women's suffering. 


All campaigns are jointly funded by MISEREOR and CARITAS Schweiz